Welcome to The Savvy Gourmet blog!

There are thousands of food blogs…

Why add another blog?

To find recipes and comment on them, to pinpoint the best restaurants in your neighbourhood and publish your opinion, to discover and comment on chef’s shows and many other related subjects – there is a wide selection of blogs, magazines and websites for all this and more.

On the other hand, discovering and making use of the characteristics of a category of foodstuffs, finding guides and indicators to help you choose the best product or seeing that the fine foods you choose come with quality assurance is quite something else. In fact, it can be a difficult and frustrating task.

The purpose of our blog is to partly fill the information gap on fine food products, simply and honestly. It is produced by OGourmet, an online food store for gourmets.

Our emphasis is on verifiable facts, information that has a scientific basis. That means that the explanations we give after examining the facts can constantly be called into question in light of new facts or more plausible interpretations. That is the sort of discussion we hope to generate on this blog.

It comes as no surprise that “molecular gastronomy’’ will hold a special place in this blog. It is the new term for ‘’food science’’, a discipline aimed at understanding and perfecting cooking processes using scientific methods. The blog will also explore myths about food and about cooking.

Most importantly, it is you, our readers, who will determine the validity of this initiative. If you feel that the content is interesting and relevant, feel free to say so or to make your own contribution.

We hope that this blog will gradually become a source of top quality information, much like the top quality products sought by gourmets everywhere.