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The OGourmet story…

OGourmet fundation

OGourmet was founded in 2007 by Guy and Martin Auger Rochon, father and son, operated by the Nuovem company, a Canadian company specializing in the sale of products and services online.

Flavors of the world

OGourmet is a delicatessen online that offers a variety of food products of very high quality, specialized in spices, exotic herbs, oils and Vinegars from different countries. New products continually add to its catalogue.

At the end of 2011 OGourmet collaborates with Terroirsquebec in order to unite their skills and their complementary experiences in selling food products online.

Flavors of Quebec

Terroirs Québec is a online delicatessen created in 2005, which offers local or regional products, manufactured or processed in Quebec. Its founders, Cédric Fontaine, and Caroline Schnoering are always looking for specialties harvested across the province.

New ownership

In 2016, Terroirs Québec Inc. bought know-how and OGourmet trademark. It now operates two shops OGourmet.com and TerroirsQuebec.com with over 650 products. These products could be discovered through their respective blogs.

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  1. I am a recent arrival to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and cannot find traditional apple butter without pectin. The two types of apple butter I have found are more like applesauce with pectin to make the fruit spreadable. Does anyone know of real apple butter (cooked down enough to make a spread without help of puddings or pectin) available in the Okanagan? Thanks, SJW

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