Blogs and Websites for Gourmets

Blogs and websites of interest to gourmets on food products, their characteristics and how to judge them with a discerning eye.


  • Curious Cook – Personal site of Harold McGee, USA.
  • Blinded By Science – Personal blog of Andrew Pilsch, USA.
  • Khymos – Personal website and blog of Martin Lersch,  Norway.
  • The Nutrition Data Blog – Monica Reinagel blog on nutrition (inside, a Condé Nast magazine, USA.

Other Food Blogs

  • À la cuisine – Personal website of Clement Lo, Toronto, Ontario.
  • Chocolate & Zucchini – Personal bilingual website of Clotilde Dusoulier, France.
  • Edible Tulip – Personal website of Daphne Randall, Ontario.
  • Lex Culinaria – Personal website of Lynette Stanley-Maddock, Edmonton, Alberta.
  • The Appetizer – Recipes, reviews, tips, gadgets, etc., from Gina Mallet, Amy Rosen, Bonnie Stern and other guest posts in the National Post.
  • The Delish Bite – One of Lindsay Evans’ blogs about food and entertaining, with her favourite recipes for Green Living.
  • Portals on Food, Nutrition and Cooking

  • BBC Food – BBC portal.
  • Ekopedia – The food portal of Ekopedia, a wiki dedicated to providing answers and spreading practical knowledge related to environmental sustainability.
  • – Canadian site for the Canadian food industry.
  • Food Network – Canwest Broadcasting activities and resources.
  • Organic Facts – Portal on organic food, India.
  • Portfoil – Italian portal on olive oil.
  • Serious Eats – American portal on family cooking.
  • The Food Portal – Wikipedia’s food portal.

For a more extensive list of food blogs

Other Canadian Websites

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