Marquès de Valdueza Olive Oil, an exceptional product!

World production of olive oil is over 2.5 million tons per year, with oil from more than 2.5 million different producers (for more details, see this EU report). Most of these oil producers are linked to cooperatives or sell their olives (or their oils) to large mills and distributors. The number of products or trade marks under which these oils are sold in Canada number in the thousands.

With so many products, how to find top quality olive oils? And given that these oils have very different flavours, how to find the product best suited to individual taste buds? Not an easy task!

International olive oil competitions have the advantage of clarifying the characteristics of each product, thereby helping to identify the best products. This means more information, with the data coming from a reliable source.

Marquès de Valdueza extra virgin olive oil is one of these fine oils that have won numerous awards in prestigious international competitions. It is a medium fruity oil with very low acidity (0.13 %). It is an oil with character – a real gem.

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