Desert Miracle Olive Oil from Morocco

When you come upon an oasis of 300,000 olive trees in the middle of the desert producing delicious olive oil, you can really talk about a miracle!

Optimal soil conditions, very pure water, high density of olive trees and the low yield imposed by high quality olives, the wind and the desert sun combine to give dynamic life to DESERT MIRACLE, an extra virgin olive oil with 0.2° maximum acidity and a unique taste.

Grinding the best olive varieties (Arbequina and Dahbia) produces this golden oil with its shades of green, balanced taste and complex aromas.
Olives are harvested in August and September at the moment when they are just beginning to change colour, from green to pink-violet.

Its bouquet is clearly identifiable to smell and taste, with a variety of secondary flavourings, mainly artichoke and bananas with hints of almond, tomato and fennel. DESERT MIRACLE has a very flavourful taste and a unforgettable pepper finish.


2009 – Golden Award. Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.

2009 – Mario Solinas 3rd prize (medium green), International Olive Council.

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  1. Hello, oh yes i have tasted wome weeks ago this olive oil and it is really delicious! i will advise it with a salad or with a nice grilled fish. Cheers

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