Producers in the Spotlight – Beyond The Shaker

Tyler McVety and his brother Chris, from West Bloomfield, Michigan, launched Beyond the Shaker in July 2009, after 2 1/2 years of researching and developing a line of all-natural organic salts. They enjoyed instant success.

OGourmet is proud to be their first international reseller with all of their 23 different salts on sale.

They offer a vast collection of unrefined sea salts in their pure form, or blends that are hand made by a chef with a focus on organic and sustainable ingredients.

Traditional blends include French Herb Blend, which combines flavourful aromatics from the countryside of France with fleur de sel sea salt. More contemporary products include Chef’s Blend, a mix of mineral-rich sel gris sea salt with three different varieties of ground peppercorns, for a distinct but versatile flavour.

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