Producers in the Spotlight – Ah!, as in Amedei!

Alessio and Cecilia had a dream and in the late eighties, driven by passion and enthusiasm, they started to make that dream a reality, discovering the world of cocoa.

Together they experimented with new ideas, creating an exclusive chocolate which they launched worldwide. They wanted to break with tradition and become the artisans of a veritable renaissance in taste. Since 1990, Alessio and Cecilia have committed themselves to the search for a perfect harmony of tastes, which takes the form of an exquisite chocolate bar, a Neapolitan or the soft roundness of a praline.

The entire production process is managed with skill and care for craftsmanship, from the selection of cocoa seeds (personally done by Alessio in the countries of origin) to the manufacturing of the chocolate in the Pontedera laboratory under the attentive supervision of Cecilia, Amedei’s maitre chocolatier.


2009 – Cecilia Tessieri won the Academy of Chocolate “Golden Bean” Award for the 4th year in a row.

2008 – The Academy of the Italian Cuisine awarded Cecilia Tessieri, CEO and maitre chocolatier of Amedei, the prestigious “Dino Villani” prize.

2008 – Cecilia Tessieri won the Academy of Chocolate “Golden Bean” Award.

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