Mole, A Mexican Speciality

One of the most representative yet still little-known dishes of Mexican cuisine is mole. Mole is the generic name for several sauces used in Mexican cooking, and also refers to dishes based on these sauces.  The word is also widely known in the combined form guacamole (avocado sauce).

The word mole comes from the Nahuatl word molli or mulli and in its original meaning refers to any type of sauce that has been milled in a mortar.

Mole is also strongly associated with celebrations. The expression “to go to a mole”, for example, means to go to a wedding.
Some mystery surrounds the creation of mole because it is the fusion of knowledge and ingredients from three continents.

By now, the original recipe has been adapted by each region of Mexico to suit its own tastes and local ingredients. Many festivals are held to promote regional versions of mole, like the Feria Nacional del Mole, held each year in October in San Pedro Atocpan.

Mole is always a complex, rich, flavourful and dense sauce, but it differs widely from one region to another. For example, the black mole, typical of the Oaxaca area in south-western Mexico, is very different from the red mole, typical of the Puebla area in central Mexico.
The range of mole dishes and sauces is vast and varied.

To discover some of the best mole from Mexico, try the “Cocina Mestiza” mole from La Chunga, Mexico.

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