Launch of OGourmet Sensory Analysis Panels

Except for wine and certain specialty products, the publication of the results of sensory evaluation tests of gourmet products is uncommon in North America. OGourmet has decided to help fill that gap by launching its own panels of sensory analysis of fine products.

These panels have two major goals:

  • Improve OGourmet capacity to select the best products in any given category.
  • Provide OGourmet customers with objective information to help them select and enjoy the best products offered.

Each panel will also pursue specific objectives:

  • A list of evaluation criteria specific to each product category.
  • A systematic method and rules for evaluating product samples.
  • Results to be published in product guides and in the product descriptions on the OGourmet Web site.

All OGourmet sensory analysis panels carry out blind tests. Panel members do not know the product or producer names before testing.

The first OGourmet sensory analysis panel was conducted August 26 on extra virgin olive oils (EVOO).

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