Inaugural OGourmet Sensory Analysis Panel – 10 olive oils tested!

A panel of four experts conducted a sensory analysis of extra virgin olive oils on August 26.

The experts used criteria based on the International Olive Oil Council standards to conduct blind tests on 10 olive oils. It is important to keep in mind that fruitiness, bitterness and pungency are three positive attributes for olive oils.

Ariadne Beristáin Gil. With a university degree in food chemistry, Ari is a specialist in sensory analysis with more than eight years of experience in this field. She is now in charge of the organoleptic evaluation of all food products offered by OGourmet.

Andy Brasseur is a specialist in sensory analysis accredited in the Jacques Puisais method (France). She is president of the Quebec Tasting Institute, a speaker and a sensory awakening trainer. Andy is one of the few experts in this field in Canada.

Olivier de Maisonneuve received the title of Sommelier-Adviser from the University of Wine in Suze-la-Rousse (France) in 2006. Since then he has worked as a consultant for the Quebec Liquor Board, both for selecting new products and evaluating products in wine competitions. He is also a sought-after speaker.

Chef Guillaume Goulet earned his cooking stripes at Relais Gourmand (L’Eau à la Bouche hotel) in Quebec, and then in France where he worked in several renowned restaurants. Upon his return he was a chef at Toqué!, one of the best restaurants in Canada. He now provides private catering under the Chef Privé banner.

Three oils were clearly identified as outstanding and are described separately in another article: 3 Top Olive Oils Named by 1st OGourmet Tasting Panel. The overall results will be published soon in an olive oil guide.

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