New Partner – LSDNA

OGourmet recently sub-contracted its warehouse and shipping operations to LS Distribution North America (LSDNA).

With more than 40 years of experience in logistics management, LSDNA is North America's leading international press distributor.

The integration of OGourmet’s online e-commerce system with LSDNA’s system will give OGourmet the resources to rapidly expand its line of fine food products and respond efficiently to consumer demand.

OGourmet now has access to a sophisticated logistics management system that will help its development and its positioning in the fast growing market of online gourmet foods.

The economy of scale will also result in shipping cost reductions that will benefit our clientele.

Shopping at OGourmet will now be more efficient, cost effective and reliable than ever.

EDIT: Partnership with LSDNA finished – Now, our choice is to work with 3DM Group

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