Ogourmet Gets a New Look

A new logo, an improved website, new presentations, new formats, new products, etc. – Ogourmet gets a new look!

Ogourmet site improvements have been designed by OZ Studio, an enterprise where talents create magic.

OZ Studio is an enterprise launched by two experienced and talented individuals. One specializes in communications and the other in multimedia, with their complementary talents creating magic.

OGourmet gave them a mandate to design a communications plan so as to improve all aspects of our relationship with customers. Their recommendations will result in significant changes designed to raise our profile and visibility.

The OGourmet image, the website and the tools used to communicate with our customers will be improved considerably in coming months.

This transformation will be accompanied by a significant increase in the number and range of products offered. What will not change, however, is the high quality of our products, our unbeatable prices and our top-of-the-line customer service.

Shopping at OGourmet will now be a more pleasant, enthralling and instructive experience than ever. A new shopping experience at the new Ogourmet website.

A great store with great foods!

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