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10 May 2009 La Rédaction 1

The OGourmet story… OGourmet fundation OGourmet was founded in 2007 by Guy and Martin Auger Rochon, father and son, operated by the Nuovem company, a […]

Code of Conduct

1 May 2009 La Rédaction 0

Posts and comments on this blog are for those who accept the following rules: We are responsible for the content of this blog, and reserve […]

Organizations for Gourmets

30 April 2009 La Rédaction 0

National and international organizations of interest to food lovers. International Organizations Codex alimentarius – FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) and WHO (World […]


30 April 2009 La Rédaction 0

Blogs and Websites for Gourmets Blogs and websites of interest to gourmets on food products, their characteristics and how to judge them with a discerning […]